Eyedrum Periodically is an online art/literature publication of Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery–a collective organization that provides a forum to support and encourage the development, exchange, and presentation of creative ideas.  Eyedrum is based in Atlanta, where it has nourished multifaceted growth in contemporary culture since 1998.

The mission of the magazine is to further the aims of the parent organization by providing a forum for the highest quality writing and art that can be presented in two dimensions. We give special ear to artists from the southeast region who have not yet garnered a great deal of support from Establishment interests – but are open to publishing artists based elsewhere.  We look for work that defies categorization, straddles genres, exercises boundaries and limitations, but is aware of or reactive to the larger cultural milieu.

Eyedrum Periodically is staffed by artists, and therefore may be subject to vagaries. The goal, however, is to publish quarterly, on line, and to print an annual.  Chair editorship is a revolving position, and in its mirroring of Eyedrum, itself, reflects the immediate interests and artistic concerns of the current chair.  It is this editor who suggests and defines the theme for the upcoming issue, gathers consensus and talents of supporting editors, and is ultimately responsible for seeing through publication to its end.

Writers and artists who are interested in showing their work through Eyedrum Periodically are encouraged to review current and upcoming issues and themes. Please contact the editor at eyedrumperiodically@gmail.com. Send submissions to periodically@eyedrum.org.

No part of Eyedrum Periodically, including works, may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

Eyedrum Periodically retains exclusive online publishing rights for all works appearing in its issues for a period of four months following publication date, after which rights return to creators. Reprint rights for anthologies are established via individual contract.

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