Firebrand – Nikki Anne Schmutz

Nikki Anne Schmutz

I came to you
skin so pale
shadows drawn
across my face
and gave to you
a glass of ale
A chance to pawn
a secret space
To you a new
yet furtive vow
until the dawn
that would erase
a chance to prove
you would not fail
to sing a song
of perfect grace
A choice if you
would choose it still
A voice so clear
you would obey
To ask of you
to touch and feel
and always fear
the unknown way
when in tune
our bodies peel
apart as furtive
lovers say
Until the time
the game renew
and lives to play
another day
Then at last
the lovers trap
catches both
and hearts do fail
to live without
their other half
Now found and bound
and all do tell
of love which hath
a heart of gold
Of men and women
who tell the tale
A lover’s path
of stories old
An earthen
solid glass of ale

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