Love Dream – Barbara Ruth

Barbara Ruth

I dreamed I loved an orca
dreamed I loved her
wholly, fearlessly, although I did not know her name.
Names were not her way
her mind particularized without them, and I knew without the lovetalk
I was loved.

Not that she was silent!
Her clicks rang through me like a sitar. She played herself
and I was moved to love.

I dreamed I loved an orca
and in my dream I welcomed her, laid bare
one nipple, then another
to her mouth, her teeth
no more a danger to me
than mine to her; our love
exquisite understanding
when I stroked
her opening, I felt her uterus contract
she rolled
between my thighs, then brought me
back to air I called out
to the deep
there was no shore.

In waking life I’ve felt inferior to orcas
their bodies, minds within the waters
seem more splendid than my own. And face it, I belong
to a species which has warred against them
fouled their food, their homes.

But in my dream I was innocent
of the crimes of men,
my hands, my hair
were beautiful to her, and yes, to me.

We share a common dream:
a salty place
that can be home to both
a place where difference is not fearsome.
Somewhere near the Bering Straits
she wakes and tells her friends
“I dreamed I loved a woman
and in my dream
we sang.”

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