Valentine – Daniel de Cullá

Daniel de Cullá

Valentine has a tradition of assuming holy names.
This is not unique with Eros, of course.
Today, I suppose
Valentine is a title of mystical and commercial value.
Will whoever stole, Brother Valentine
a genuine and authorized Pope of Love
good for ever
and so please treating You right
into the kitchen
where She and Me are busying ourselves
with preparing the feast and its endeavor
drinking some old tea in a pan
diluting with water
in the pleasure of a lovely trip, singing:
“It is bitter tea that involves us so
with valentine plunging into the physical Love
and the tea being bitter.”
O¡ Valentine¡
Blessed Man of Love
in a rampant Planet with injustices.
We beseech You to lift
a heavy burden from our heart.
O¡ Woe¡
(At this moment, Valentine turned himself
into a commercial aspirin
as “Patron of Lovers”
and doctor of “Hoodoo and Vexes”
and brother of “The Season
of the Aftermath”).


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