– Jennifer Hambrick

Jennifer Hambrick

and the other eye – messed up

from birth – too big

googly blind and no good

the one eye sees everything –
glassy brown marble

ready to drop out
land on the floor

shatter into chips and shards

that hide in dust bunnies

make your feet bleed

when you walk on them

some people really messed him up

early on so he looks out

the window and barks at the child

playing in her yard across the street

and barks and barks because

when you have only one eye and

you’ve been messed up your
whole life you can’t wait around

for someone else to help you

see things straight

for Picasso to slap your eye all flat

and badass on the side of your head

so you bark and bark and bark

like a laser searing through a cataract

through the devastating darkness

because there’s always bad stuff

you can’t see but you know –
you just know –
is out there

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