Axeman – Patricia Percival

Patricia Percival

—guitar god,
scion of the more aptly named
Axeman of the sax
, I need relief—
transformation, transportation,
a time warp out of here.

The place I want to go
might not be real. Anyway,
for me, now, it must be conjured.
So play me some laudanum,
some tincture of dope,
riffs to remind me of myself
before the years piled up
their clot of lessons, their facts
to blot out all but penumbra
from the summer that love
seemed sure to overcome.

Amp it up and blow me back
to my former future—a phoenix
due to rise and sweep bombs
and boundaries aside.

Pickle my brain in Vin Santo.
Mutter mutabilis. Do what it takes
to make the axes I grind slip
from my hands, so I can dance
before they shut this joint down.

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