Directions – Janette Schafer

Janette Schafer

After taking the exit for
Bum-Fuck, Ohio
look for the sign
advertising 59 CENT TACOS!!

Follow the orange barrels and cones
grip the steering wheel too tightly
ineffectively navigate
the deluge of rain.

Let the bright street lights
and lanes closed due to construction
cause you to pass
a much nicer hotel

(where there is likely room service
continental breakfast
and a lounge full of middle-aged has-beens
looking to get laid.)

Instead, turn down
the obstacle course of potholes
towards the No Name Inn
with the neon flashing in orange.

Eat half a pecan bar.
Lick salami grease off your oily fingers.
Step over empty beer cans.
Don’t prick yourself on the discarded needle.

Ignore your mouth, salty
with a stranger’s cum
and the splash of red wine
in the white porcelain sink.

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