Pullover on Jacksboro Highway – Ann Howells

Ann Howells

“Awwwwwwww, Earl,
whatcha pullin’ me over fer?
Ya think yer Dirty Harry or sumpin?
Yer jus’ a dumb countie-mountie, an’ I ain’t
gonna stand on one foot fer ya. I ain’t
gonna put no finger on ma nose neither.
An’ I sure as hell ain’t gonna walk yer goddam line.
Yer tryin’ ma patience here, Earl—
me an’ you been pals since second grade.
I ain’t gonna blow in no friggin’ tube
so’s ya can write down whatever ya want
to make yer month’s quota. Nosir!
Ya ain’t lockin’ me up in no jail cell neither.
Don’ even think about it!
I watch Law an’ Order ya know,
ya can’t detrain me without ya got jus’ cause…
‘sides me an’ you’s been squirrel huntin’
drunker n’ this. An’ anyways,
ya know I gotta be home ‘fore mornin’
or Meggie’ll skin me!”

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  1. Hey Ann, Loved your poem, been known to have bad excuses to serious cops myself!

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