Sonnets – Akaky Akakievich

A Sonnet to the Siren Zilphia
Short hair, large nose, dark expressive voice

Amounting to the highest part of the mainly positioned careful fall
Would be the problem to seethe about the actual but prudent filled
About the careless side of the deeply impressed voice pattern was
A fair faint put to the restful haven must we have to careen and pall
With the mediocre of the weakening stance can have a merry spilled
What may come of the startled and hapless event could be what she does

To stagger alongside the fervent and pathetic height is just to ease on
The headfirst filling was there not a lot of the hairless mention for other
Of the maddening team could eagerly revamp the schedule with a pause
Without telling others who were the ample sounding aloud each blonde
Push was thereafter defending her rudeness is just so much without mother
Here it is actually a craved for the meeting was neither the even of cause

A Sonnet to the Siren Ona
Shiny sunglasses, tattoos on feet, whiny

Bright as can be were the shoes of the harped on trailing woman
With just the matter to put back onto the road another peerless insult
With how to construct the moodiness is just to track over the victim
Was a certain way to feel how this can be the glassy stare to a low man
Without which the circumstance just puts those through the faint result
Could have to stammer and hesitate over the whiny shiny mouthy outcome

However satisfied was she to have these emblems pasted on her for
A while since it resounds around the rudeness to feel faintly the binds
Within the minutes timeliness to bespeak of the moments when there is
A chore for her to scatter the limitless kindred resulting without a spore
That aches away at the cheerless canyon can we involve the richer finds
Notched and particular to the very nervous upsetting ogre can reveal a whiz

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