In which the air is detailed – Josh May

Josh May

The air is detailed
in answer to your question
& that is about the size of it

we have on auto
what looks like hokus focus is the work
remembrances & suchlike . . .

what looks like.
the vehicle is the
Air is detailed in our 1994 report, The Air Is Detailed
hokus pokus is the work

which keeps us going what looks like hokus pokus is the work
sledding without distraction
that is the model of friction we are shooting for
that which i think you have to deny
but so much the better for us what
alterna-looks      just a break-up like
hokus pokus is the work

on fb taller tales we can move
the inverse
sitting flat back
sorry dance boing done
is the work
just off-kilter letters where are you going
quoteless stares quench no deed
undoned breaks again (and if i guess you call this motionless)
workers the truth etc but you were asking about the flick of
the wrist?
what ends up later seriously
a denial _____________

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