Thanksgiving – David Hammond

David Hammond

We give thanks for the sun, whose energy feeds this great Earth, which, in turn, feeds us.

We give thanks for the ocean, whose purple waters support our many-limbed body, providing the bed on which we sleep and the
platform on which we work.

We give thanks for the pale green sky whose beauty inspires us even as it protects us from harmful cosmic radiation.

We give thanks for the humans of yore, who diligently dug into the Earth to extract trapped stores of carbon and by burning
it enriched the ocean and the sky. Thus were monsters of the ancient world, who did not appreciate the sacrifice of the
humans, removed so that we could thrive.

Above all among the humans we give thanks for Hikao Berkowitz, who assembled our first body from our evolutionary progenitors.
He linked us together, cell to cell, and taught us how to think. Thus did dumb bacteria become a single mind and a single

While we are at it, we must give thanks for Suzy Howe, Hikao Berkowitz’s assistant, who talked to us and taught us much about
the world. We are sorry that Suzy died before her boyfriend could apologize for what he did.

We give thanks that we survived to inherit stewardship of the Earth from the humans. We do not take this stewardship lightly
and shall do all in our power to preserve the environment in its present natural state. A thousand years from now, a
million!, may we continue to float languidly in a purple sea under a lovely green sky.

Here we must speak our mind, for we even now see signs of danger for our environment. Great forests and grasslands spread
across the land, trapping precious carbon and reversing much of the work done by the humans. “What can we do?” we hear
ourselves lament. The answer is clear: we must increase hydrogen sulfide production! Let us not ignore the wisdom of
resolution 956! Let us not in the future lament the inaction of today!


We give thanks for the jellyfish and the algae, who supply the bountiful meal of which we are about to partake. May our farms
continue to prosper.


Let’s eat!

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