Fascination With Monsters – E. A. Hall

On the sheet in my head where a one-eyed glob of paintbombs ariates on the nutritional value of pitchforkless villagers and the bad bad good docter is last-minute menufying fools from his Rolodex I picture my neighbor again kicking his unloved unlittle offleash landshark down the back steps to the bottom of the bonegarden where more than anything I’d like to see the lazy susan go retrograde and flying feet become mercury on the backflow and poison meat etch a butcher’s map against the earth chin chin style all autocleavers and preforensic impacts and ebon-bench edicts in the court of animal controls as if these waywards could grasp a law a rule a hint of auration so don’t speak to me of crime scenes or plates just bring on the damn asteroid and make room for the roaches because when I say them

I mean us

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