Two found poems – Howie Good

The Cruel Radiance of What Is

Die knowing something:
eggs (any style),
twenty shoes, standing in a row,

a factory chimney seen
through the iron work of a railroad bridge,
the eye of a fly enlarged 2,000 times,

the interior of a watch.

Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop.
You are not here long.

Source: Phrases from quotes attributed to photographer Walker Evans and photo editor M.F. Agha in Belinda Rathbone, Walker Evans: A Biography (1995)

With Wings & an Hour-Glass

Young girl in flower,
an enemy town burnt in a night raid,
sea captains carousing in Surinam,
and above all shines the sun,
a bearded man clad only in his ribs
and grinning horribly.

Source: Phrases, particularly titles of paintings, in James Flexner, The History of American Painting, Vol. I: The First Flowers of Our Wilderness (1947).

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