(Field Manual) FM 600.60-6 How to Kill – Carlos Thompson

Carlos Thompson

Use every idle moment,
your sleeping and waking thoughts.
Imagine what it will be like.
Rehearse it in your mind.
Even when it’s behind your eyes,
don’t look away.

Breathe deeply with your gut.
Silent your heart with hate.
Hold that trigger with all your might.
Empty thoughts,
no soul,
or man,
just life and death
a steady hand.
You’ll learn to live another day,
but whatever you do,
don’t look away.

Nights and days won’t matter.
Your virtue will shroud pleasure with guilt.
His brother will never avenge him.
The sun will rise again.
God won’t kill you for your sin.
Just, don’t look away.

The sadness will consume you.
Look the devil in the eye,
in his bullet hole iris.
Every night,
a couple of times of day.
Your soul will leave your body,
if you ever look away.

Your loved ones need you whole, not happy.
They’ll beg you to forget.
To turn your back to what you’ve done.
Learn to smile and carry on.
Repeat I love you when it’s said.
Just don’t look away.

We count on you the whole damn team
You best believe by any means
Before you put him in his place
Make sure you see that asshole’s face!

Shoot, move, communicate,

Shoot, move, communicate

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