Meningioma- Eric Pudalov

Eric Pudalov

the tumor mysteriously appears,
an uninvited guest in the manor
of the skull.

it blends among the residents, invisibly
stretching into the inner tissue,
forming its own passageways, as
though it were natural, and

and that’s when the
firelike headaches begin, bursting
underneath bone, a silent hunter
waiting in the brush, to tear him
inwardly apart.

thought canals are forcefully
divided, as if one doorway, meant
to lead upstairs, adjoins a hallway,
then tunnels seamlessly into the
amygdala, all without his knowledge
or permission,

it remains, painless, until
age 14, when it conducts its hostile takeover
without warning,
ure electric pain radiating
chaotically throughout body systems
intrude madness trembling hysteria unbalance
falling to ground feelslike dying in black
hole thunder suns and tempest agony…
and it is time to
plunging into the skull, a
full investigation, in an unconscious
state, the machine
plows through,

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