After Seeing Phenomena Secret Cargo by Paul Jenkins, or, Up Way Which? – Caleb Parkin

Caleb Parkin

We part ways,
And on my screen,
a satellite line paints itself,
writes itself, unseen
blue, through the city
to this bay.

So we go to the desk
to ask a lady beneath an i
if she knew why
the Internet said
it should go up the
other way?

Drinking tea, we talk about writing
and find the picture, Googling on
gravity-sensing devices. But the
thumbnails show it upside down:
Cargo Secret Phenomena.

In the top gallery, we talk about
Yves Klein Blue and layers
of paint in original Rothko. Then
Phenomena Secret Cargo
by Paul Jenkins. It looks like wings,
we say, like butterflies, like feathers.
How the brush sweeps up:
like it could fly.

One artist had refracted the stairs
in kaleidoscopic photographs –
(‘to make us question public space’)
curving up the walls.

Back through time,
we take pictures of
Mammoths, in panoramic mode
(which I just showed you how to use)
then make our way to the gallery,
strolling through Geology.

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