Backwards is Beautiful – Richard Gess

Richard Gess

This was the call for submissions for Eyedrum Periodically 6:

Inverse, converse, diverse, obverse, perverse and reverse—Lou Reed

Issue Backwards the is Periodically Eyedrum 2014 October The/The October 2014 Eyedrum Periodically is the Backwards Issue. Thinking backwards begs the question: which way is forward? The future of clean redemptive progress we hoped for in the 20th century has fallen short of expectations. It’s being argued that our survival will require a return to prehistoric society. Is History beginning to run in reverse? Or is that just the way it looks from where you stand, in a life that may be turning around, or repelled away from where you were, or where you meant to be? Reversals in time, reversals in space, reverting to old tools, reversals of fortune, gender reversals, mirrors, mirror worlds, the ass-backwards, backsides, retrospection, returns to origins: we’re looking for fiction, essays, and poetry of or about anything you can imagine as backwards, reversed, reversible, flipped, reflected or reflective.

The notion behind the Backwards theme was to set up a space with a lot of room for contributors to maneuver. The interpretations submitted were, as I had hoped, multifarious. Gazes into the past, reverse engineering, reversals of time, unravelings, undoings, topsy-turvies, pushback—the responses are as wonderfully varied as the cast of writers and artists creating them. As always, there were contributors who submitted good work outside even the unusually porous boundaries of this theme, and their offerings add extra resonance to the final mix. Enjoy EdPer #6 in any order you like.

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