Fugue Historical (DSM-VI) – Monica J. Brown

Monica J. Brown

You pose the question is history beginning to run in reverse?

History is running both forward and backward simultaneously. Nothing is lost. This is a new age of eidetics when intelligence and an artistic sensibility are gateway drugs to schizophrenia.

We are each binging at a long rustic dining table, inundated on knowledge and experience.

I would like to become Prehistoric. To retreat to a cave with only my lover and my child. To paint its walls in the style indicative of that singular moment. To practice sympathetic magic.

But I cannot unlearn the textures and sounds and language and tastes and customs and crimes of all histories that I have been so privileged to have readily accessible to me, lain at my feet like wreaths of barbed wire.

They say the Information Age has afforded us a world without borders.

I would argue its infection of the independent mind’s ability to filter is the dearest threat to the continuity of art.

With no filters, there can be no fidelity.

Without fidelity, we are damned to continue on that dark path backward until art itself is dead.

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