n-curses – Al Matthews

Al Matthews

CNN Headline
News made me a
concrete poet.

Idly I count
the characters
in every line.

My invisible
achievement is
naming a blind

baseball game-
illness. Pupil

of the game. I
wasn’t subtle?
O CNN sports

executive: you
nameless head-

of manure. Run
from my putsch
Run from the

collapse: of a
station, and a
nation, empire

of the fat and
You, editor,

you saw it, my
boredom: every
day, tormented

by language of
war, and truth
So, how many

times shall we
decline report
of the CIA man

in Iraq, I ask
meetings, sans

dissent really
The ghost of
Ahmad Shah the

Massoud haunts
all of you now
so, ptui i say

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