The Chore – Madeleine St. Romain

Madeleine St. Romain

Dainty dishes for dainty diners that I can serve with pride
Croquettes and timbales with creamy things inside
Lettuce swimming with white sauce
Breadsticks tied with bows
By every napkin by every plate one pink and one white rose.
Cream of celery soup, creamed cauliflower, chicken breasts in hollandaise,
Angelica almond angel cake, custard, and whipped cream —

Beef jerky, canned fruit salad
Fish sticks, cheese food product sauce, and instant mashed potatoes
Clotted ketchup from a crusty bottle!

She hated all the pots and pans,
Hated the stove, hated the plants,
Hated the cake that she was icing,
Hated the cans boxed for recycling.
She hated the curtains, the boring old plates,
Hated the way that everyone ate.

Crimes in the kitchen.
The judge is at the table.
Crimes in the cassoulet.
The judge is in the court.
Lima beans, lima beans, ketchup, and liver
Mealy and slimy and greasy and thick.

A baleful night
Is that hell freezing over?
A baleful night
There’s food on the table.

They’re eating it.
They’re eating it, aren’t they?
They’re eating it.
They’re eating it all.

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