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anus mirabilis (excerpt from “arse poetica”)

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anus mirabilis-arse poetica excerpt

the gash poor of really sick

This, then it be the disgrunt or ornamented Dis gust,
it’s a wind for starve a shun, partially
skin-tucked whenever silo-whole gone queasily,
whatch! edgy want dismembler so gag
even or mussels are a lavatutorial clamp on plate fermented and
mentally erect. But wait.
but what do we expect — expostulate — excerivate

But clang is the wriggly foam then has, not a sentiment, a yech
to smack-fat, infactuated with folk-tendrils, medley of
scatter-plong creep-schlugger at scat,
damage grum our not so appetizer setting, it gershes a flum has-been
as you naturally flap the exteriors of your arms headwards,
footwards, toemails that scatchumate

Now corpses revise their worms, cooked like a film or a result,
feeding traces of blond thwack, spooked inky fail
granule fat scliptle scatchle and worm along the slime-trail
knock down to salt to dis or taste, it limps when i won’t ah gubble
quietly dozing inside you like paste in a satchel of refried beans
like French beans like gnookie like scratchie like fun

recipe (sautéed abhorrence)

Palate is as lack for chilly then
the way toward fennel that wriggles and chicken that
rats on you, pregnant and immediate raw questions,
the color of final months is expensive beef fat, tendered,
Italy yellow by surprise — a slaughter house
for crustacean convert horrid sugars
widely-eaten ran & hid into
claw the secure cannibal lobed into captivity.
Very slinking to apple seed poison,
is a good person who devoured the hard-core,
the highest level of overcooked prison,
the recreational pastel-breaking of the cell wall
panopticonning the near masher for factoid
slowing of a broth spoiled by
too many groveling

And grubble around heavy shields over beetle
grubs; place on greasy baking shields if you want;
& place the skin on the same baking shield. Rare
opaque. Infuse with rue, but
reduce to a paste

Putting to smother for
the grown into bored milk
gripped in yesterdays (arithmetically
force-meats can be fused
with gallon dreams) stewed
with glum or just desserts topping

Should I buy a chees with an anonymous scent?
Wrested from apathy, puny maneuvers codified.

One of the best minimum flack baths
with white delicate flesh
and mind bones.

Trout comes from america, it howls at the
lack of the moon, and shepherds guide pies using
parasitic words, frozen solid still on the bone,
a filthy chicken ranch is off eating feces and smells
of ammonia …shrimp toes are ready for draining
and all fats drip, then are unclarified
& carefully preserved …. a Roman voting with beans
and slime larvae …. cook talk as
military jargon bails you out, saving the
metal spike, it’s a crock!

It’s a crock, yellowish white flavones, prodded to squeal as in
why shouldn’t filets be turned — they don’t like it: probed
between a fat or oil if they’re solid camels are yummy
but the best is the tail of the fat-tailed sheep.
No, it was ammonia in the room where the chess club meets —
how drab!

Too many lobes weave nut-secularly
young and messed
each of these sleeps in a different weather, like so many
long-fingered, garlic
posse’s texture and texture’s posse,
the pattern state of the hive bloaters
consists of beans in goose fat …
now multi-framed guilt mayonnaise
excuses for lozenges sprinkled with glee.

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