Issue 9: Alchemy Contributors

An authentic Atlantan, Joshua Alexander set out to become a composer at the age of sixteen. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in music composition at Georgia State University. Some of his interests include style, chess, anime, and the esoteric.

Jennifer Balachandran lives in Cincinnati with her two daughters where she works with tax accountants, at a church, and as a freelance editor of scientific manuscripts. She has had work published in Terminus, Gabby Journal, and Flycatcher.

Brian Bannon is an Atlanta writer and musician. He wrote for and played saxophone in Sob Songs for the Gilded Age, a performance group that used silent films, music and stories from a previous era of income inequality to give contemporary Atlanta a good cry.

Narinder Bazen is an illustrator originally from Indianapolis. She uses both ink and pencil to create her nature-inspired, symbolic pieces.

Julian Cage is a deeply cynical man who trolls the crime news of metro Atlanta. From it he creates fast-paced, character-driven mystery-thriller fiction. These novels and short stories center on Detective Diana Siddal and Inspector Mustapha Alawi, senior homicide investigators for the Atlanta Police Department. You can reach him via, and view or download his work on Amazon.

Robert R. Cheatham is a former executive director of Eyedrum art and music gallery. He is still creative director of Public Domain inc., an arts, information, and technology aspect, He is currently undergoing various degrees and dimensions of transmogrification. while holding onto the thin reed of ‘the real’. He is also manifestor of FORT!/Da? Books and Projects.

Hester L. (“Lee”) Furey is a writer and teacher, author of Little Fish (a chapbook of poems published by Finishing Line Press) and the editor of Dictionary of Literary Biography 345:  American Radical and Reform Writers, Second Series. She was part of the founding editorial collective of Eyedrum Periodically. With Mike Rovinsky she has begun a graphic novel about the writers and artists of The Masses called Love & Revolution. Furey has published a number of poems and essays in scholarly and literary journals and has a few book-length manuscripts looking for homes. She lives with Penney and a feline/canine menagerie at the House of Jars in Atlanta, Georgia.

Adrainne Gray finds herself vibrantly living within the Gray areas — not this or that but often this and that. She is a yogi and a theologian, a city girl raised in the suburbs of Washington D.C, is street smart and loves her backyard chickens. She’d travel the globe (if she had the money) and likes the stability of one place. Her two children and husband tell her she is quite colorful.

Olivia Kieffer hails from Appleton, Wisconsin. She is percussion instructor at Reinhardt University, where she teaches a variety of music classes and directs the Percussion Ensemble. She feels at home in both the classical and rock worlds, and can often be heard performing live in Atlanta’s vibrant New Music scene. She is bandleader and drummer for the seven-piece rock band Clibber Jones Ensemble. Kieffer’s compositions and music projects have been highlighted in ArtsAtl, TomTom Magazine, the Atlanta Creative Music podcast, the A/B Duo blog, and on WABE-FM (90.1). This is Olivia’s first collaboration with poet David Tuvell.

Duane Marcus is the resident farmer and herbalist at The Funny Farm, a 3 acre permaculture demonstration site in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. He is also a maker of things including gourd rattles, stone pendants and the occasional wizard staff.

Megan Merchant’s book, The Dark’s Humming was the winner of the 2105 Lyrebird Prize (Glass Lyre Press, 2017). She is also the author of Translucent, sealed (Dancing Girl Press, 2015), In the Rooms of a Tiny House (ELJ Publications, October 2016), and Gravel Ghosts (Glass Lyre Press, Spring 2016).

A definite “in-betweener” of a variety of interests and hobbies, Yoon Nam was born and reared in Korea until moving to Atlanta in 1997. She holds a Ph.D. in 16th and 17th century English literature, is a DJ and loves records, and also likes to draw and paint. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and a beautiful cat named Reginald.

Bo Orr is a self-taught artist in Atlanta, Georgia. He draws with anything that makes marks. In his drawings are meticulous repetitious images created immediately and made permanent on paper. You may also find poems in his drawings illustrating the void or illuminating the infinite.

Peter Peteet is a thing finder, tinker, poet, and activist, first published in Flycatcher. He attempts both to repair something daily, and to embrace the complexity of a simple and sustainable life amid the urban sprawl of his hometown, Atlanta, with his wife and two sons.

Fabrice Poussin is assistant professor of French and English at Shorter University, Rome, Georgia.  Author of novels and poetry, he has published work in France at La Pensee Universelle, in the United States in Kestrel and Symposium. His photography work has also been published in Kestrel.

Madeleine St. Romain has written five librettos: Rabbit Tales with composer Nicole Chamberlain; and Cedar Tree and River Water, Grandmother Spider Steals the Sun, Seastruck, and The Raspberry War with composer Robert Boury. St. Romain’s visual art has been shown at Eyedrum, Radial Café art space, and Agnes Scott College’s Dalton Gallery.

Lente Scura is an artist who uses photo-manipulation and digital painting to create images of subjects struggling within emotional states and dream-like environments.

Christina Springer is a text artist who uses poetry, dance, theatre, film and other visual expressions. Her most recent performance piece She Diva Died. & Come Again? is a multi-media show exploring the challenges and joys raising of a black man. As an arts organizer, she is the force behind The Svaha Paradox Salon which just released its first anthology Electronic Corpse: Poems From A Digital Salon.  Her educational outreach work included four site-specific, mixed-media projects with youth at The Tower Of London. Springer resides in San Jose, California, where she home educates her son.

Dorothy Stucki is an Atlanta-based artist, who graduated from Georgia State University School of Art and Design in 2007. Afterward, she co-founded the art collective, Plastic Aztecs. She uses a variety of different media in her work, from color pencil drawings to print making and installation.

Andrew Topel resides in Florida with his two daily blessings – his wonderful wife and their hilarious daughter.

Originally from Florida, David Tuvell now lives in the Atlanta area. He has been published in small presses, Eyedrum Periodically, Kennesaw State University’s arts journal Share, and The St. Pete Times. Tuvell studied at University of Florida and graduates from Kennesaw State University in early 2016. He plans to pursue an MFA and aspires to teach poetry writing.

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