Issue 11 Contributors

Cameron Adams says, “Taking candid photos in public places has been my practice for more than twenty years. Luck is a silent partner, and I honor that good fortune by respecting the dignity of my subjects. This goes beyond no ‘cheap shots’ to working stealthily and quickly. There’s an … view

Issue 7 Contributors

Brian Bannon is an Atlanta comedian turned writer. He self-released a stand-up album titled “Rolling Stephen Hawking Up a Hill” and was twice a finalist in Creative Loafing‘s fiction contest.

Jess Bernhart is a poet from Atlanta, Georgia. Her poetry draws from post-modernist philosophy, the body, memory, time, and make-believe. … view

Issue 1 Contributors


G.K. Abigail writes fantasy and SF that revolves around the role of mythology in everyday life. This issue’s tale is G.K.’s first published work.

Julian Cage is a deeply cynical man who trolls the crime news of metro Atlanta. From it he creates fast-paced, character-driven mystery-thriller fiction. These novels … view