VII The Chariot [an excerpt from Dr. Furey’s Laboratory] – Hester L. Furey

Hester L. Furey

They say this was Napoleon’s card.

After WWII the Eisenhower-led liberal conservatives came home and set about installing some of Hitler’s improvements, starting with the interstate highway system. That transportation artery is known in Chicago as “the Stevenson” and “the Eisenhower.” Here in Georgia, we call it … view

Gobi Mirage: Mongolia – an excerpt from Journeys and Finds – Bianca Lee

The immense scale of the vast steppe, open vistas and the sense of emptiness, made me aware of the smallness and humbleness of the human scale. The total sensory void has a cleansing effect on my soul. The featureless landscape readjusted my mind and the gut-shaking, bone-rattling rides on bumpy … view