Issue 8: Grub contributors

Since 1997, the Atlanta Poets Group has been a shifting yet recurrent heterogeneous grouping of both (split)individual and collaboramerged semi-intentional language workers operating under the sign of poetry. Committed to perpetrating disjunctive and disruptive linguistic practices, the APG meets in salon-like fashion on Wednesday evenings and gives semi-regular public performances around the Atlanta area. Current members are Erika Stephens, James Sanders, Mark Prejsnar, and Zac Denton.

Originally from Valdosta, Georgia, Suzanne Borden lives in Cave Creek, Arizona, where she works as both a commissioned and freelance photographer. Her photographic interests span a wide range, from travel to portrait photography. Borden’s primary focus is capturing images that are compelling and sometimes amusing. She lives with her partner Dan, her son, three dogs, and two horses. When she is not photographing, she can be found traipsing through the red rock wilderness of southern Utah.

Julian Cage is a deeply cynical man who trolls the crime news of metro Atlanta. From it he creates fast-paced, character-driven mystery-thriller fiction. These novels and short stories center on Detective Diana Siddal and Inspector Mustapha Alawi, senior homicide investigators for the Atlanta Police Department. You can reach him via, and view or download his work on Amazon.

Elkannah Carpenter has traveled since before he was born. He has read since he can remember and written since he married.

A sense of vertigo, a chance encounter with the sublime, a brief feeling of unreality … these are the ideas that Steven Cline has set out to portray through a combination of digital illustration, collage, photography, and surrealist techniques. Cline finds inspiration in many eras and styles of graphic design and fine art, especially in the art and theory of the surrealist movement.

Leah Dale is a dirt-digging, yarn-knitting, wool-spinning, animal-loving, fire-breathing dragon and practitioner of post-apocalyptic life skills. She knits a lot of wool hats when she isn’t working to reclaim and restore a 130-year-old farmhouse and turn 16 acres of feral, neglected land in Michigan into a productive homestead where all beings are welcome except poachers and assholes. She also cusses a lot.

Brien Engel is a musician/performer residing in metro Atlanta. He is made up of a typical ensemble of microbial life and has many questions. He has a large collection of fried pie wrappers from all around the country. As a performer he has worked with Acme Theatre and the Center for Puppetry Arts. He is one of very few world virtuosos on the glass harp, or musical glasses. Also, he plays mbira music, from Zimbabwe. He likes to write and to art when time allows.

Becky Furey, of Plastic Aztec fortune, is a total weirdo from Georgia and not yet impossible to find. It was once aptly noted that all of her work is about strong dudes.

Alabama escapee and lifelong Southerner Edward Austin Hall co-edited 2013’s Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond, which The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction recently suggested might be “one of the most important sf anthologies of the decade.” His work has appeared in Paste, BurnAway, and the Dictionary of Literary Biography. His first novel is forthcoming.

Through his current membership in the Southern Fruit Fellowship, the California Rare Fruit Growers, Georgia Organics, and North American Fruit Explorers, the last of which he currently serves as president, Robert Hamilton has been able to share with and learn from fruit growers — hobbyists to esteemed professionals — and to tour orchards and production facilities around the nation. Hamilton has taught numerous classes in fruit propagation and care at Atlanta-area community centers and professional venues. He recently purchased 61 acres in which he plans to set up a fruit orchard of his own, focusing on persimmons, pears, nuts, and exotic fruits.

Olivia Kieffer hails from Appleton, Wisconsin. She is percussion instructor at Reinhardt University, where she teaches a variety of music classes and directs the Percussion Ensemble. She feels at home in both the classical and rock worlds, and can be heard on recordings by the MAJazz Society, Tay0, and Clibber Jones Ensemble; she is composer, bandleader, and drummer for the seven-piece rock band Clibber Jones Ensemble. Kieffer’s compositions and music projects have been highlighted in ArtsAtl, TomTom Magazine, the Atlanta Creative Music podcast, the A/B Duo blog, and on WABE (90.1 FM).

Greely Myatt

Bryant O’Hara is a programmer, poet, and musician — not always in that order, sometimes all at once. He has been an engineer and a technical writer, and is now a software developer. He has recently been published among the winners of the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s 2013 Poetry Contest. To listen to O’Hara’s poems and other works, please visit He lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

William Preston is the father of three adult daughters who eat their vegetables. Until recently a teacher of literature, writing, and film studies at an independent school, he lives and writes, both with the modest assistance of his hound, in Syracuse, New York. His short fiction has repeatedly appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction; some of those stories are now available online via Amazon, if you’re the least bit curious.

Mike Rovinsky is a sequence artist, animator, and illustrator from Atlanta, Georgia. He has a lifelong passion for animals and nature, which reflects in his art. Evolution, biological and personal, tends to be a driving force in his work. His signature ink and watercolor paintings combine detailed, scientifically accurate organisms with surreal landscapes and themes. He currently lives in Stone Mountain with his own small zoo, and is working on several publisher-driven graphic novels and other projects.

Madeleine St. Romain has written five librettos: Rabbit Tales with composer Nicole Chamberlain; and Cedar Tree and River Water, Grandmother Spider Steals the Sun, Seastruck, and The Raspberry War with composer Robert Boury. St. Romain’s visual art has been shown at Eyedrum, Radial Café astspace, and Agnes Scott College’s Dalton Gallery.

Vanessa Shell is a dancer, adventurer, and cognitive activist. She shares 99.9 percent of her DNA with you. You’re welcome.

Brian Sweat is a cartoonist, painter, writer, custom action figure maker, English teacher, Mexican restaurant server, and, most importantly, a husband and father. His web comic Heart’s Blood is whatever passes through the corridors of his labyrinthine and sometimes bruised psyche. Follow him on Twitter at @heartisblood.

David Tuvell is originally from Florida and now lives in the Atlanta area. He attended University of Florida and plans to graduate from Kennesaw State University next spring. His writing has appeared from a few small presses, as well as in the St. Pete Times and KSU’s arts journal Share. He has spent much time in libraries, as well as done some software engineering and plenty of day-laboring.

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